The Artwork of Matt Boney

Illustration, Design, and Fine Art

About the Artist

Matt has spent almost the entirety of his life drawing and painting... sitting in the carriage at the super market, while taking tests in school, at the dinner table, and just about anywhere he could. After having grown up in small town Connecticut, he headed off to New York City to obtain a BFA in Illustration at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan where the computer also became a weapon of choice among traditional media.
Upon graduation from college, Matt took to the commercial freelance circuit working for several design firms and private clients for two years before moving down to Florida. In the Sunshine State, he quickly found himself working as an Art Sales Consultant with a local gallery- it is here that he learned to not rely exclusively on the commercial, but rather also take time to simply enjoy being an artist regardless of the approach.
Now residing just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Matt is now seeking to advance his artistic endeavors in all forms- networking, gallery showings, freelance jobs, installation services, commissions, and sales from his private collection of works. Having publicly exhibited in only three venues thus far, he dreams to one day be part of more major public exhibitions as well as reach a point in his creative career at which the average day job can be left behind.
When not working, Matt has been most known to go on long drives to nowhere in particular, fishing, shooting (not at the living!), exploring in the woods, and enjoys some auto racing among other activities, all time shared with his beautiful, perfect wife as much as possible. He is currently 31 years old. 
Brief video interview with Matt sharing a bit of insight into his creative process.