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Light and Airy

Posted by Matt on March 2, 2014 at 5:20 PM

Light and Airy


In light of keeping incredibly busy the past few weeks (see my last blog post entitled “Chaos”) with all sort of obligations and hurdles, there has not been a whole hell of a lot of time to get fully entrenched in a new piece... or my second weekly blog installment that you are reading right now. That said, the one artistic endeavor I was able to accomplish this week is a new, easy little piece entitled “Up and Away”


While looking at my latest effort and trying to decide what to write about with only one day left in the week, I figured why not do a little write up?


Every once in a while, I like to sit down to something easy. I like to come up with a loose concept that I think will be appealing, pull up the first reference photo I find just for a little bit of guidance, and just relax, pencil in hand. No in depth self exploration, no activism or political tones, and most likely an organic form that need not be all too faithful to its real life counterpart. Such is the case with “Up and Away.” It was a nice experience to shift gears and go with a subject that was fairly minimal and present it in a very simple way. Creating this piece took me to familiar territory in more ways than one; the watercolor and pencil on wood is a combination that has been quite comfortable for me for a long time now. On top of that, I am very much at peace being out in the fresh air and taking a moment to admire the small things in life (literally) that can often be overlooked. Allowing myself to indulge a little bit in things that come solidly together in my comfort zone, the process of making this piece was a freeing one. It was fun, quick, light, and airy.


One aspect I tend to think a lot about is the impact an artist's mood can have on his/her work at any given time. When looking at other artists' work, it can be fun to think about color choices, hardness of lines, intensity of shades, etc. The connections between those characteristics and the artist's intent or mindset at the time of creation can be very interesting. Often times, feelings of frustration, contentment, and everything in between can be spotted pretty easily. One reason I personally enjoy “Up and Away” is that it put me in a good place right from the get go. The clear blue sky... the little seeds moving along to set roots and become bigger and better... the little hint at a field starting to fill back in after a long winter... it all carries a nice feeling of optimism. By the time I was done with this one, I have to say, it rubbed off on me, and that's the whole idea. I hope whenever somebody takes a moment to look at this piece, they can have that same light and airy feeling- if even for a second.

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